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Thursday, January 15, 2009

There's no such as baaaad publicity!

From Rantline, in the Mirror:

Hey, this doesn’t have much to do with music but I’m just so pissed off. I was just eating at the PEOPLE’S POTATO up in Concordia—they offer free food every day to students. I sat down with this girl and I didn’t know she was a total psycho until she started telling me I was a terrible person because I’m not VEGAN. Man, I was vegan for seven years! And I was so tired for those seven years and then one day I ate some CHICKEN and you know what? I felt great! It was like ANTI-DEPRESSANTS or something. So I started eating meat again. So I just want to say: girl from the People’s Potato, I’m just going to keep eating meat, you didn’t change my mind. But you did ruin my day.

Editor's notes:
Actually, we offer food by-donation every day, and it's for anyone, not just students.
If you see any other People's Potato junk out there, let us know!