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Monday, January 23, 2012

Check out our new website!

Hey all,
Check out our new website at

The Potato

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food Banks at the Potato

Hi everyone,
Time to kick off another great year at the Potato! Keep your eyes peeled for our new schedule of Food Banks this semester! Don't forget to show up early, and to bring your own bags. See you there!
the Potato

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

People's Potato servings coming soon!

We will begin serving our regular daily meals on September 6, 2011.  We are looking forward to starting up another great year!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is

poster courtesy of the lovely Al Blair :

download the poster here:


The Midnight Kitchen and the People’s Potato present…


Join us for a week of workshops, skillshares, and speakers

March 14th – 18th at Concordia and McGill

***All venues are wheelchair accessible.

Childcare and whisper translation between French and English is available with 48 hours notice.

***All events will include a free vegan, nut free snack or meal. Please get in touch 48 hours in advance for allergy needs.




Monday, March 14th

Workshop: The Commodity Chain

1pm – Shatner Ballroom, 3480 McTavish (Metro Peel), 3rd Floor

This workshop will investigate the path of a few ingredients as they travel to the kitchen, and the social, political, and environmental effects of each step along their journey.

Keynote Panel: Food Should Be Free: A conversation on the fight for food security – globally and locally

5pm – Hall Building, 1455 de Maisonneuve West, 7th Floor


Sally Miller – author of Edible Action (Toronto)
Michael Freeman of Action Communauterre (Montreal)
Mat Forget of the NDG Food Depot (Montreal)

Tuesday, March 15th

Workshop: Women and the Food System

1pm – Shatner Ballroom, 3480 McTavish, 3rd Floor

Women’s labour provides the driving force behind global food systems, though it is often unpaid, undervalued, and invisible. This workshop will explore the many ways that women, especially women of colour, are exploited in order to ensure the viability of market-based food production.

The Human Ecology of Collective Gardening
4pm – Location TBA (Concordia)

Through a hands-on activity and discussion, in this playshop participants will learn about the dynamics and difficulties that may arise when people come together to create a community garden.
Cultural Transformation- the theory and practice of fermentation

6pm – Workshop: cultural transformation: the theory and practice of fermenting
The Midnight Kitchen, Shatner Building 3480 MacTavish, 3rd Floor

Come on out and learn how to brew your own beer, make your own mead and ferment some kraut while feeling empowered by gaining independence from our toxic industrial agriculture system.

Wednesday, March 16th

Beyond Hurt Feelings: The Intersections of Fatphobia, Racism, and Food Insecurity

1pm – Location TBA (@ Concordia)

This workshop will attempt to expand our understanding of fat discrimination to explore how poverty, racism, and fatphobia are in fact interwining systems of oppression with harmful material consequences.

6pm – Cooking Workshop: Demystifying “difficult” recipes. How to easily make gramma's favorites - bread, soup and pickling
at the Peoples potato kitchen,
7th floor of the Henry Hall building, Concordia 1455 De Maisonneuve W.

Thursday, March 17th
Skillshare: Wading through the Waste- The ecology of dumpsters

4pm – The Midnight Kitchen, Shatner Building, 3480 MacTavish, 3rd Floor

metro tickets for “field trip” provided

Join the Midnight Kitchen in collaboration with Food Not Bombs to learn how to “dumpster sustainably” and keep those lids unlocked. We’ll go through some ground-rules on how to do it respectfully before heading out to put our words into practice around some of the city’s hotspots.
Friday, March 18th

Film Screening – TBA

1pm – Shatner Building B-30, 3480 Mactavish, basement

Closing Dance Party!
10pm – Le Cagibi, 5490 Boulevard Saint Laurent